jnuwer (jnuwer) wrote,

Fewer Americans are smoking, poll reveals

Finally,  something to celebrate about in our current public health climate.

WebMD (7/28, Hitti) reported that a new "Gallup poll on smoking shows that 21 percent of U.S. adults currently smoke cigarettes." Gallup first started "asking people in the U.S. about their smoking habits in 1944. Back then, 41 percent of poll participants reported smoking." This year's Gallup smoking statistic "is very low, but it's not quite an all-time low. 'From a statistical perspective, a 22-percent reading in 2004 and a pair of 23-percent measurements in 1999 and 2006 would be considered equivalent to the current reading,' states Gallup." The new Gallup poll also reveals that "most current smokers -- 55 percent -- report smoking less than a pack of cigarettes daily." And, "81 percent of current smokers say they would like to give up smoking and 79 percent say they're addicted to smoking." Additionally, the Gallup report indicates that "one in four current smokers report starting to smoke before age 16. That percentage hasn't been lower since 1991, according to Gallup."

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