jnuwer (jnuwer) wrote,

First Week as Dr. Nuwer

Being a doctor is scary! Mostly because I feel like I don't know anything and I don't want to kill anyone because I'm an idiot. Hopefully this feeling will go away soon because it turns me into a bumbling idiot. For example, the code pager went off indicating someone was dying somewhere, so I run to the room get there and the lady is stiff and shaking - not a seizure, but a drug reaction to this chemo drug she's on. I'm panting, the nurses ask if I'm a doctor and I meekly say "Yes", because I have NO idea what to do. Fortunately, my senior resident came strolling in and took care of it. What did I learn in the last 4 years? Not much practical stuff!

Any way, I'm getting my feet under me and learning to introduce myself as Dr. Nuwer. It's really weird. I have my first patients already: a mom and baby that I delivered, or rather, assisted with her C-section. Exciting!

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