jnuwer (jnuwer) wrote,

Happiness is BLU

This weekend I had the opportunity to watch my favorite sports team win a prestigious tournament, the Stanford Invite. My UCLA Ultimate team, BLU, beat the Pie Queens of UC Berkeley in finals. I got to see them whip University of Washington in Semis too. I couldn't help but feel proud every time a player made a sweet play. My favorite part, however, was seeing the change that has happened since our first year together. The players have developed so much since our first season. It still surprises me sometimes to see someone make an unexpected play. A formerly tentative player gets a diving blocks or a player that used to have weak throws steps around to throw a difficult pass. A player that struggled with long throws for years, finally consistently throwing beautiful long throws. A zone offense that I toiled to get them to use and understand, shredding the zone defense of another team. This work has not been done by me, it's been done by them and their coaches since then. I love seeing something that I helped create flourish without me even needing to be there. I helped set the pieces in motion. I helped set original strategies. I helped shaped their game by providing a strong example and through coaching. And now I can sit back and enjoy the beautiful artwork that they create for all of us to watch and admire with happiness.

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